PDX Death Café In the News and on the Calendar

While the public work of the Death Talk Project is still on hiatus, the next generation of PDX Death Café volunteer leaders and facilitators is continuing to respond to community requests with a busy schedule of late winter and early spring Cafés. Their work caught the notice of two local publications recently:

View the schedule of upcoming Cafés on the PDX Death Café Facebook page, or via the international Death Café website (searchable for Cafés near you).

From Portland Monthly’s February 2019 Wellness issue.

2 Comments on “PDX Death Café In the News and on the Calendar

  1. Still, Saunders’s focus on the spiritual side has been an inspiration for Odontuya.

    Then she understood that palliative care is total care, she says, something that covers “all physical, psychological, spiritual and social pain”.
    The idea of palliative care being holistic can be traced back to Cicely
    Saunders, the British nurse and doctor who established the first hospice in the UK
    in the 1960s. She came up with the concept of ‘total pain’,
    arguing that it was as important to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of patients’ suffering as it was to treat
    their physical symptoms. Hiring a small post office box or a private mailbox is an ideal way to gain these things without
    first having to give the address of residency.
    Never give out the personals email address that has been allocated to you by your internet provider, as these can help a possibly dangerous individual locate you.
    After lunch, there is music, dancing and games – and then an awards ceremony, with Odontuya
    handing out prizes for the best hospice and palliative care workers of the year.
    The care workers laugh at the pretentious names.
    They laugh at everything.

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