Come of Age: Stephen Jenkinson’s New Book

How we approach death and the dying, how or whether we remember or care for the dead – these questions are inextricably bound up with how we age, or don’t, in the dominant culture of the West –… Read More

Staring Down Fate

Watch Staring Down Fate, an important new documentary about mortality and the state of our planet When Chris Lucash was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 53, he and his wife Alisa and their three young children… Read More

Is Dying “Not As Bad as You Think”?

What’s your take on the popular BBC “IMHO” video? My first thought was that Dr Kathryn Mannix is a Mr Rogers for the dying: who wouldn’t want her warm and normalizing bedside manner at the deathbed? I appreciate… Read More

“Aqua Green Cremation” Comes to Portland

Spaces are filling fast for the workshop that will introduce this option to Portland While I try to avoid euphemisms, I’ve yet to find an elegant way to refer what to do with a dead body. Straightforward terms… Read More

A Village-Making Death

One year after my friend Marcy learned she would die decades sooner than she would have liked, she wrote a letter to the core group of women she called her Sisterhood. “Death is not my friend but it… Read More

Viking Funerals: Personal Style Events?

Our approach to ancestral burial sites may say more about us than them I often begin my discussions with community groups asking, “How many of you grew up going to funerals? How many have bathed the body of… Read More

2017: A Year in the Life

Where my work as a Life-Cycle Celebrant and community conversation leader took me 2017 was the 3rd year in a row that saw me attend the death of a member of my inner circle 5th year of co-leading PDX… Read More

Befriending Endings

What does dying ask of us? Notes from a friend’s death bed, and the words of Stephen Jenkinson My friend had been under hospice care for weeks, in and out of consciousness for days. “I don’t know what… Read More

All Souls Stories: Two Tales from the Vault

Participating in a powerful community mourning and remembrance ritual Each year, Halloween looks more like Christmas. The lights are orange and white instead of red and green; fake spider webs stretched over hedges, instead of fake snow; the… Read More

The Perils of Autonomy & Independence

It’s often said that the Baby Boomers – 10,000 of whom are turning 65 each day now – are going to transform how we age and how we die. But I’m troubled by the form this seems to… Read More