About the Death Talk Project
  • The name “Death Talk Project” is just right… thought provoking and provocative without being sensational.  I like the wonderment in it.  It makes me feel scholarly and curious. 
  • What an undertaking! (No pun intended.) It is dense and rich and full of life. And to see that you already have another full day event planned is very exciting! 
  • Beautifully done, comprehensive, inclusive. 
  • Clear, accessible, welcoming, matter-of-fact but warm. 
  • The site looks amazing! It is straightforward and simple to navigate – all good things when engaging a potentially traumatized populace. 
  • Your life is your guide- and you are a good student, my friend. 

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About Holly Pruett, Life-Cycle Celebrant
  • Holly has a lovely, relaxed manner that is so easy to listen to, and such a generous way of holding various options open and honoring different perspectives.
  • I cannot tell you how much we appreciated working with Holly in the planning and delivery of the celebration of my Mom’s life. I truly learned so much from her about the healing process. I felt my Mom was with me almost as much in this process as when she was alive.
  • Holly gave us confidence in our vision. She knew what questions to ask, listened to what we wanted, and guided us towards creating a meaningful and memorable farewell remembrance. She’s a poised, gentle, articulate facilitator who effectively dealt with potentially difficult family challenges. Generous, highly professional and above all, caring and empathetic, Holly was ready to stand in, back us up, and support us. Her communication skills are top rate!
  • Learn more about Holly’s work as a Life-Cycle Celebrant & Home Funeral Guide
About Holly’s blog
  • It is a true art form and talent to be this kind of storyteller.
  • Holly’s newsletter is like a clear voice coming through the fog reminding me to be present to life.
  • These writings, how you write and what you write about, are both touching and very important.  
  • Holly, I look forward to your blog so much. You are not only a great writer but I honor and respect the subject matter. 
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About Death:OK
  • I was roused and rattled, touched and inspired…and mostly just plain excited and happy to be part of this most amazing day. 
  • The people I met and the workshops I attended were extraordinary and full of heart wisdom. To break the silence and give voice to death makes all of our lives richer and more vibrant. May you all know you gave a wonderful gift to our community, and to me personally. 
  • My gratitude to all of you for your vision, hard work, magnificent planning, and most of all, your open hearts. The whole day had such a feeling of calm spaciousness, genuine warmth, along with just plain wonderful energy.  
  • At a subsequent palliative care summit I heard various folks, including palliative care doctors and hospice nurses, talking about having attended Death:OK and how many conversations it started. One doctor specifically called out how wonderful it was to have been part of a day where 500 people came together to talk about this topic.
About PDX Death Cafe
  • I always come away heart-filled and full of awe afterwards. Totally love it, love witnessing what unfolds, what people get to experience, the sharing and community making – again and again.
  • I am so grateful for this experience; getting out of my head; meeting new people with rich thoughts and experiences; great that you encouraged us to sit at a table full of strangers!
  • The Death Café was well organized, respectful, and inviting. I felt welcomed and affirmed by our conversations.
  • This was even better than I anticipated – thank you.