Final Disposition: Nov. 7 Monthly Topic Class

Final Disposition

Meet my friend Mark, seen here shrouded in the back of the ‘62 Suburban that served as his hearse. Mark died in his sleep five months shy of turning 50. He’d often told his beloved wife Phyllis, “If I die, pack me on ice and take me to our family’s pioneer cemetery.” As Phyllis says, “It turns out it’s more complicated than that.” But with the help of friends, she made it happen.

Learning death, before our own — what will happen to your body once you die? How will your death certificate be filled out when it comes to your final disposition?

Join me November 7th for the second of my new Befriending Mortality Monthly Topic Classes. We’ll consider the full range of final disposition options including:

  • Home burials like those of newborn Vera Luna or lavender-lover Jamie
  • Green burials chosen by Marcy and Jake as they anticipated their impending deaths and by Linda as she prepared for the death of her daughter Heather
  • Green burials arranged against all odds, as by Keelia after the death of her son Max, Zaakera after the death of her daughter Mikaela, and Phyllis for her husband Mark
  • Natural organic reduction aka human composting made possible in part through the pioneering choice made by Briar
  • Donating your body to science and other conventional and emerging options
  • (Familiarize yourself with these and dozens of other deathcare terms by browsing the Oregon Funeral Resources & Education Glossary)

NEW ADDITION! MONTHLY DEATH CAFE: Between each Monthly Topic Class I will host an optional, no-cost, open-format conversation for class and cohort members to share with each other what’s up regarding befriending mortality. Dates and Zoom link will be sent to those registered for monthly classes.

WHAT: What will happen to your body when you die? In this 75-minute session we’ll review pros and cons, costs, and where to find final disposition options – from conventional burial and flame cremation, to long-established and emerging eco-friendly options including green burial, alkaline hydrolysis (sometimes called water or flameless cremation), and natural organic reduction (also known as human composting).

WHEN: Tuesday November 7, 2023 at 5pm pacific

WHERE: Via Zoom

HOW MUCH: Sliding scale $20 – $45/ class; $120 – $270 for the series

LEARN MORE: About the full Befriending Mortality Series with options for individuals and groups.

Pre-registration for each monthly class is required via Eventbrite: