Meet our new public info site: “A labor of love, so needed”

Oregon Funeral Resources & Education is a new a non-commercial public interest site dedicated to helping Oregon consumers care for their own dead with or without the assistance of a funeral director. The site is being lauded by medical and funeral industry professionals as a much-needed resource for both families and professionals.

Out Beyond the News of Good and Bad

Observations about health, mortality, and language Editor’s Note: Ever since Karen attended the very first PDX Death Café in 2013, I’ve been privileged to be on the receiving end of her ways of being “troubled aloud,” a practice… Read More

For He So Loved the World

“A willingness to be limited, so that the world can continue whether our iteration of what we’ve come up with continues or not.” With my three-month hiatus from community education now extended to six, and more time spent… Read More

PDX Death Café In the News and on the Calendar

While the public work of the Death Talk Project is still on hiatus, the next generation of PDX Death Café volunteer leaders and facilitators is continuing to respond to community requests with a busy schedule of late winter… Read More

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Death Talk Project takes a three-month hiatus…  As we come to the shortest day of the year, I’m preparing to go dark myself. Three years after founding the Death Talk Project and nearly six years since bringing Death… Read More

Remembering Together

On All Souls’ Day, a nod to Tucson’s community remembrance ceremony, the All Souls Procession “It’s not just dying that modern America is losing touch with; it’s death rituals as well,” writes the Washington Post in the article… Read More

Indelible in the Hippocampus

Honoring the Grief of Our Lives & These Times: Cultivating the Skill of Heartbrokenness As it happened, the day before Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave her searing testimony in Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearing, I gave a… Read More

The Muscle of Remembrance

On the Eve of an Ancestral Pilgrimage We gathered around a table strewn with flower petals, each of us holding a sprig of cedar. Cedar, known by some in this part of the country as the First Ancestor…. Read More

Keeping Our Dead Afloat

A mother orca’s devotion to her dead calf raises questions about how we humans carry our dead The internet has been abuzz with news of a mother whale who for a week now, “has been carrying her dead… Read More

What We Do vs What We Want: A Lament for What We’ve Lost

Death, according to the New York Times, is “having a moment in the sun.” Good news, or troubling? The June 22 article, “The Positive Death Movement Comes to Life” is one of the most-forwarded links to hit my… Read More